Turgay Oblast (Russian Empire)

For other uses, see Turgai.

Coordinates: 48°N 60°E / 48°N 60°E / 48; 60

Turgay Oblast
Тургайская область
Oblast of Russian Empire
The schematic map
Capital Orenburg
  Established 1868
  Disestablished 1920
Political subdivisions four uyezds

Turgai (also spelled Turgay or Turgaj) was an oblast (province) in Imperial Russia, established on October 21, 1868. It was located in the central part of present-day Kazakhstan.

Its land area was 456,185 square kilometres (176,134 sq mi). The seat of the oblast was located in Orenburg, outside the borders of the oblast, since there was no town suitable for accommodation of the administration.[1]


The highest authority in the Oblast was a military governor. The military governors of Turgay Oblast were[2]


As of 1897, 453,416 people populated the oblast. Kazakhs constituted the majority of the population. Significant minorities consisted of Russians. Total Turkic speaking were 415,829 (91,7%).

Ethnic groups in 1897[3]

TOTAL 453,416 100%
Kazakhs 410,904 90,6%
Russians 30,438 6,7%


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