Rava (island)

Rava is an island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. It is situated in the Zadar archipelago, between and Dugi Otok, 16 nautical miles (30 km) from Zadar.[1] Its area is 3.6 km2,[2][3] and it has a population of 117 (as of 2011).[4] The only settlements on the island are Vela Rava and Mala Rava. The coast of the island is very indented with 13 bays and 15.45 kilometres (9.6 miles) of coastline.[3] The island is composed of dolomite.[5] The primary industries are agriculture (mainly olives, but some vineyards also[6]) and fishing.[3]


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Coordinates: 44°01′19″N 15°03′59″E / 44.021941°N 15.066386°E / 44.021941; 15.066386

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