Sveti Klement

Sveti Klement
Location Adriatic Sea
Coordinates 43°09′58″N 16°22′30″E / 43.16611°N 16.37500°E / 43.16611; 16.37500Coordinates: 43°09′58″N 16°22′30″E / 43.16611°N 16.37500°E / 43.16611; 16.37500
Archipelago Paklinski Islands
Area 5.275844 km2 (2.037015 sq mi)
County Split-Dalmatia County

Sveti Klement (Croatian for Saint Clement) is an island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. Its area is 5.28 km²[1] and it is the largest of the Paklinski islands, a group of small islands located in central Dalmatia just south of Hvar. Its coastline is 29.89 km long.

The coastal part of the island is barren and rocky while parts of the interior are covered in maquis shrubs. There are three non-permanent settlements on the island called Palmižana, Momića Polje and Vlaka. There is also a marina operated by ACI Club in Palmižana, open from March to October.

Sveti Klement is a very popular tourist area. Besides having a marina Sveti Klement has couple of restaurants and a unique lounge bar. It is also a popular place for destination weddings as many couples from all around the world decide to marry there.

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