Sit (island)

Location Adriatic Sea
Coordinates 43°55′53″N 15°17′50″E / 43.93139°N 15.29722°E / 43.93139; 15.29722Coordinates: 43°55′53″N 15°17′50″E / 43.93139°N 15.29722°E / 43.93139; 15.29722
Archipelago Kornati Islands
Area 1.77 km2 (0.68 sq mi)
Highest elevation 84 m (276 ft)
Highest point Veli vrh
Population 0

Sit is an uninhabited Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea located between Žut and Pašman. Its area is 1.77 km2 (0.68 sq mi).[1]

The coastline is not significantly indented, except for the bay Pahaljica (Čitapićev port) to the north of the island. Its middle width of 500 m consists of only one mountain ridge, where the highest elevation Veli vrh (84 m.a.s.l.) is located in the eastern part of the island, the central hill Vlašić is 78 m.a.s.l., and the northwest end Borovac is 60 m.a.s.l.[2]


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