Žirje, Croatia


Satellite image of Žirje
Coordinates: HR 43°39′08″N 15°39′42″E / 43.652311°N 15.661636°E / 43.652311; 15.661636
Country  Croatia
County Šibenik-Knin County
Municipality Šibenik
Population (2011)[1]
  Total 103
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Žirje (pronounced [ʒîːrjɛ]; Italian: Zuri; Latin: Zurium/Surium) is an island and a settlement in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. It is situated in the Šibenik archipelago, about 22 kilometres (14 miles) southwest of Šibenik, which makes it the most distant permanently inhabited island in the Šibenik archipelago.[2] The island is composed of two limestone ridges between which is a fertile valley.[3] Its area is 15.06 km2,[4] and it has a population of 103 (2011 census).[1] Its population is steadily decreasing (720 residents in 1953,[3] 207 residents in 1981,[3] and 124 residents in 2001[5]).

Vegetation of the island is mainly composed of maquis shrubland, with some farm land in the middle of the island.[6] Main industries are agriculture (grapes, olives, plums, figs and sour cherries) and fishing.[3][6] The sea around Žirje is rich with fish.[2][7] In 12th and 13th century the island was encircled by fortresses and walls[3] and are a reminder of the Byzantine fortress from 6th century are situated at island.[8]

The ferry port on the island connects it via the D128 route to Šibenik.


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