Arta Velika

Arta Velika
Location Adriatic sea
Coordinates 43°51′28″N 15°32′30″E / 43.85778°N 15.54167°E / 43.85778; 15.54167Coordinates: 43°51′28″N 15°32′30″E / 43.85778°N 15.54167°E / 43.85778; 15.54167
Archipelago Šibenik archipelago
Area 1.27 km2 (0.49 sq mi)
Coastline 5.53 km (3.436 mi)
Highest point Vela Glava (95 m)
County Šibenik-Knin

Arta Velika is an uninhabited island in Croatia, in central Dalmatia, part of the Šibenik archipelago off the coast of the city of Šibenik. It lies 2.5 km northwest of the island of Murter and the settlement nearest to the island is Pakoštane, 5 km away on the mainland. The island's area is 1.27 km² and its coastline is 5.53 km long.[1] The highest point on the island is Velika Glava, which is 95 meters high.


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