Male Srakane

Satellite image of Vele Srakane (bigger) and Male Srakane (smaller)

Male Srakane is an island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, which is situated between Lošinj, Unije and Susak, just south of Vele Srakane.


During the Austro-Hungarian Empire (until end of World War I) the two islands were called Klein- und Gross-Kanidol.


According to statistics it has a current, reported population of just two people,[1] who only reside temporarily on the island in the summer. The inhabitants usually make a living from fishing and agriculture. In 1940-50 approximately 30 people made a living on the island and by late 1960 only two ladies remained on the island. The two residents that live on the island are not original residents.


Coordinates: 44°33′54″N 14°19′51″E / 44.564946°N 14.330785°E / 44.564946; 14.330785

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