Katina (island)


Excursion boats and buffet on the south side of the island.
Location Adriatic Sea
Coordinates 43°52′53″N 15°13′13″E / 43.88139°N 15.22028°E / 43.88139; 15.22028Coordinates: 43°52′53″N 15°13′13″E / 43.88139°N 15.22028°E / 43.88139; 15.22028
Area 1.12 km2 (0.43 sq mi)
County Zadar
Population 0

Katina is an uninhabited Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea located between Dugi Otok to the north and Kornat to the south. Its area is 1.17 km2 (0.45 sq mi).[1]

Katina is separated from Dugi otok by a 100 meters wide and barely 2 meters deep channel Mala Proversa. On the south side of the island is Vela Proversa channel, about 500 meters wide and suitable for navigation, which separates Katina from Kornat. It is a part of the nature park Telašćica.


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Tavern on the sea shore on the north side of the island.
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