Raška District

Raška District
Рашки округ
Raški okrug
District of Serbia

Location of Raška District in Serbia
Country  Serbia
Administrative centre Kraljevo
  Commissioner n/a
  Total 3,918 km2 (1,513 sq mi)
Population (2011)
  Total 309,258
  Density 78.9/km2 (204/sq mi)
Municipalities 3 and 2 cities
Settlements 359
- Cities and towns 9
- Villages 350

The Raška District (Serbian: Рашки округ / Raški okrug) is a district of Serbia, which expands in the south-western part of the country. It has a population of 309,258. The administrative centre of the Raška district is Kraljevo, on the banks of the Ibar river.


The district encompasses the municipalities of:


According to the last official census done in 2011, the Raška District has 309,258 inhabitants. 53.2% of the population lives in the urban areas. Ethnic composition of the district:

Ethnic group Population
Gorani people334


At the outskirts of Kraljevo stands the Žiča monastery. This spiritual center of the Serbian medieval state was built around 1220, to become also the center of newly founded Serbian Arch-episcopacy.

The Studenica monastery was built in the late twelfth century, as the endowment of the Serb ruler Stefan Nemanja, who endowed it richly with the icons and books. After he had become a monk and left for Serbian Hilandar on the Mt. Athos, his older son Stefan, later named the "First-Crowned", took his place in taking care over the monastery. In the vicinity of Novi Pazar stands the Sopoćani monastery, built around 1260 as the endowment of King Stefan Uros I, the son of King Stephen the First-Crowned. The primary and major value of the Sopoćani monastery are its frescoes, by which it ranks among the best examples of the European medieval painting.


Economy of the Raška District is domineered by the "Magnohrom" non-metal and electronics industry, Kraljevo Rail Car Factory, "Jasen" wood-processing industry, and the "Electro Serbia". Other well known factories and companies form Kraljevo are "Amiga Kraljevo" (street lights) and "Metalservis" pipes factory.

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