Kosovo Pomoravlje District

For the districts of the Republic of Kosovo, see District of Gjilan.
Kosovsko-Pomoravski okrug
Косовско-Поморавски округ
District of Serbia

Location of Kosovo-Pomoravlje District in Serbia
Country KosovoKosovo Serbia
Capital Gjilan
Population (2002 census)
  Total 217,726
Municipalities 4

The Kosovo-Pomoravlje District(Serbian: Косовско-Поморавски округ/Kosovsko-Pomoravski okrug) was a district in Kosovo between 1990 and 1999. It was located in the southeastern part of AP Kosovo and Metohija. The area now has a population of 217,726. The seat of the district was in the city of Gjilan. Along with the rest of Kosovo i Metohija, it was transferred to UN administration, a situation accepted by the Serbian government. In 2000 the UN administration renamed the district the District of Gjilan as part of a series of reforms rejected by Serbia.


The districts of Kosovo at the time

It included the municipalities of:

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