Southern and Eastern Serbia

Southern and Eastern Serbia
Јужна и источна Србија
Južna i istočna Srbija
Statistical region of Serbia

Location of Southern and Eastern Serbia in Serbia
Country  Serbia
Largest city Niš
  Total 26,255 km2 (10,137 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
  Total 1,563,916
Districts 9

Southern and Eastern Serbia (Serbian: Јужна и источна Србија, Južna i istočna Srbija) is one of five statistical regions of Serbia. It was formed in 2010. The region has a total population of 1,563,916, according to the 2011 census.


In July 2009, the Serbian parliament adopted a law which divided Serbia into seven statistical regions.[1] At first, it was decided that in the territory of current statistical region of Southern and Eastern Serbia there would be two statistical regions - Eastern Region (Serbian: Istočni region / Источни регион) and Southern Region (Serbian: Južni region / Јужни регион). However, in May 2010, the law was changed, thus the Eastern and Southern region were merged into a single statistical region named Southern and Eastern Serbia.


The statistical region of Southern and Eastern Serbia is composed of 9 administrative districts:

District Area (km²) Population
(2011 Census)
Podunavlje 1,250 199,395 Smederevo
Braničevo 3,865 183,625 Požarevac
Bor 3,510 124,992 Bor
Zaječar 3,623 119,967 Zaječar
Nišava 2,727 376,319 Niš
Pirot 2,761 92,479 Pirot
Toplica 2,229 91,754 Prokuplje
Jablanica 2,770 216,304 Leskovac
Pčinja 3,520 159,081 Vranje
Source: Statistical Office of Serbia

Cities and towns

The largest cities and towns of the region are:

City or town Population
(2011 Census)[2]
Niš 260,237
Leskovac 162,206
Smederevo 108,209
Vranje 83,524
Požarevac 75,334
Zaječar 59,461
Pirot 57,928
Aleksinac 51,863
Smederevska Palanka 50,284
Bor 48,615
Prokuplje 44,419
Velika Plana 40,578


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