Pirot District

Pirotski Okrug
Пиротски Oкруг
District of Serbia

Location of Pirot District in Serbia
Country  Serbia
Capital Pirot
  Commissioner n/a
  Total 2,761 km2 (1,066 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
  Total 92 479
  Density 33.4/km2 (87/sq mi)
Municipalities 4
Settlements 214
- Cities and towns 4
- Villages 210

The Pirot District (Serbian: Пиротски Oкруг, Pirotski Okrug) expands in the south eastern parts of Serbia. It has a population of 92,277. Its seat is in the city of Pirot.


It encompasses the municipalities of:

Ethnic groups (2011 census)

History and culture

The first mention of Pirot are found already in the second century A.D. In its vicinity is the church from the thirteenth century: the Church of St. Petka, and the monastery of St. John the Theologist from the late fourteenth century displays a fine example of the Serb medieval architecture.


Medicinal water from the Zvonci Spa (Zvonačka Banja), a health resort, was used already in the ancient times, and natural beauties of this region are renounced throughout Serbia. The oldest craft, today an industry, is Rug-making: the weaving trade, by which this region has gained its world-wide fame.


The most of the facilities of the Pirot economic organizations are located in the industrial zone: the "Tigar" rubber industry, the "Prvi maj" textile industry, and the "Suko" paints and varnishes industry.


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    Coordinates: 43°10′N 22°36′E / 43.167°N 22.600°E / 43.167; 22.600

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