Kosovo District

Kosovski okrug
Косовски округ
District of Serbia

Location of Kosovo District in Serbia
Country  Serbia
Capital Pristina
Municipalities 9 and 1 city

Kosovo District (Serbian: Косовски округ / Kosovski okrug, Albanian: Distrikti i Kosoves) was a district of Kosovo and Metohija between 1990 and 1999; at that time, Kosovo was part of Serbia. Kosovo declared independence in 2008.

It was located in the middle and had a population of 672,292. Its capital was Pristina.


The district included the municipalities of:

Culture and history

Main article: History of Kosovo

In the center of Priština stands the Carsi mosque (Tas mosque), built after the Battle of Kosovo. In the immediate vicinity of Priština there is the site of a settlement from the Neolithic period, as well as of the Roman settlement of Vicianum. Also near Priština is the Gračanica monastery, the last endowment of the Serbian King Stefan Milutin, built in 1315. Its architecture and fresco painting make it one of the most significant medieval monuments in all Europe. Today it is an active monastery for women, and open to visitors.

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