Moravica District

Moravica District
Моравички округ
Moravički okrug
District of Serbia

Location of Moravica District in Serbia
Country  Serbia
Administrative centre Čačak
  Commissioner Slobodan Jolović [1] SNS
  Total 3,016 km2 (1,164 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)[2]
  Total 212,603
  Density 70.5/km2 (183/sq mi)
Municipalities 3 and 1 city
Settlements 206
- Cities and towns 5
- Villages 201

The Moravica District (Serbian: Моравички округ / Moravički okrug) is a district of Serbia located in the central parts of Serbia. The name Moravica, derivates from the river West Morava, which is passing through this district. Origin of the name Morava dates from Slavic language and the word "mori (engl.waters)". It has a population of 212,603. The administrative centre of the Moravica district is Čačak.


The district encompasses of the 3 municipalities and 1 city:


According to the last official census done in 2011, the Moravica District has 212,603 inhabitants. 53.8% of the population lives in the urban areas. Ethnic composition of the district:

Ethnic group Population

Culture and education

In the monuments heritage of Čačak a special place take the religious building: monasteries and churches. The ten monasteries of the Ovčarsko-Kablarska Gorge are referred to as the Serbian Athos. Certain of them were built in the time of the Serb gentry of the Nemanjić, Lazarević and Branković dynasties. Over centuries these ten monasteries safeguarded the ancient manuscripts, out of which some were also written there. Also, there are two faculties located in Čačak that are within the University of Kragujevac:


Čačak, largest city in the District, is one of the major economic centers of Serbia. Its economy is dominated by industrial production. Above all, by metal-processing (the "Sloboda" and "Cer" factories), paper production (Paper Factory), chemical industry (the "1 May"). It has also well developed agriculture ("Stocar").

The employment rate in the Moravica District is among highest in the country, with 48.1% as of 2014. The unemployment rate of 13.9% is among lowest in the country.[3]

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