Bishop of Winchester
Appointed 676
Term ended probably 7 July 705
Predecessor Leuthere
Successor Daniel
Personal details
Born Headingley, West Yorkshire
Died probably 7 July 705
Denomination Christian
Feast day 7 July
Venerated in Roman Catholicism
Anglican Communion
Shrines Old Minster, then Winchester Cathedral (destroyed)

Hædde (or Hedda, Hedde, Haedda, Haeddi; died 705) was a medieval Bishop of Winchester.


Hædde was supposedly born in Headingley in West Yorkshire, and became a monk of Whitby Abbey. He became bishop in 676 and died about 7 July 705,[1] although the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle states that he died in 703.[2] In the law code of King Ine of Wessex, the bishop is mentioned as contributing to the laws.[3] After his death, he was revered as a saint with a feast day of 7 July,[4] and his large diocese was split in two.[5]


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Bishop of Winchester
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