Eadburh of Bicester

Saint Eadburh of Bicester

St Edburg's Church in Bicester, Oxfordshire
Born 7th Century
Venerated in Roman Catholicism
Anglican Communion
Major shrine Flanders in Belgium
Stanton Harcourt
Feast 18 July[1]
Attributes daughter of King Penda of Mercia

Eadburh of Bicester (often Edburga) was an English saint from the 7th century. A daughter of King Penda of Mercia, Edburga was a nun for most of her life.

She was originally buried in Bicester, Oxfordshire but her relics were moved by papal decree to Flanders in Belgium in 1500. In Bicester (and surrounding areas) she is generally known as St Edburg, which is the patronal dedication of the parish church of Bicester.[2]

There is a shrine to her at Stanton Harcourt.


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