Eadberht of Lindisfarne

Bishop of Lindisfarne
Appointed 688
Term ended 6 May 698
Predecessor Cuthbert
Successor Eadfrith
Personal details
Died 6 May 698
Denomination Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church[1]
Feast day 6 May

Eadberht of Lindisfarne (died 6 May 698), also known as Saint Eadberht, was Bishop of Lindisfarne, England, from 688 until 698.[2] He is notable as having founded the holy shrine to his predecessor Saint Cuthbert on the island of Lindisfarne, a place that was to become a centre of great pilgrimage in later years.

It is said that Eadberht favoured poverty and long periods of solitude and devotion as part of his service in the bishopric. When he died he was buried in the same location from which Cuthbert's body had been exhumed earlier the same year.


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