Æthelwine of Lindsey

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Bishop of Lindsey
Appointed c. 680
Term ended c. 700
Predecessor Eadhæd
Successor Edgar
Consecration c. 680
Personal details
Died c. 700
Denomination Christian
Feast day 3 May or 20 June

Æthelwine (Ethelwine or Elwin) (died c. 700) was the second bishop of Lindsey from around 680,[1] and is regarded as a saint.[2]

Other than a couple of references in Bede's Historia to Æthelwine and his family, very little is known of him. One brother, named Edilhun (i.e. Æthelhun), a "youth of great capacity of the English nobility", is said by Bede to have died of the plague while visiting a monastery in Ireland in the year 664.[3][4] Another brother, Aldwin, was abbot at Partney, and a sister, Æthelhild, was an abbess. Bede tells of her visiting Queen Osthryth at Bardney Abbey in about 697. She was still alive when Bede was writing in the 720s.[5]

Æthelwine probably died around 700. His feast day is 3 May or 29 June.[2] The even less well evidenced Saint Aldwyn is sometimes identified with his brother.


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