Æthelwold (bishop of Lindisfarne)

Æthelwold of Lindisfarne
Bishop of Lindisfarne
Appointed 721
Term ended 740
Predecessor Eadfrith
Successor Cynewulf
Personal details
Died 740
Feast day February 12

Æthelwold of Lindisfarne (died 740) (also spelled Aethelwald, Ethelwold, etc.) was Bishop of Lindisfarne from 721 until 740.[1]

Æthelwold contributed to the production of the Lindisfarne Gospels: he took the raw manuscripts that his predecessor Eadfrith had prepared and had Billfrith bind them so that they could be read easily.[2] He is the last Bishop of Lindisfarne to have been revered as a saint. He is often mistaken with his near contemporary, Æthelwold of Farne.


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Bishop of Lindisfarne
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