Ælfheah the Bald

For other uses, see Ælfheah.
Ælfheah the Bald
Bishop of Winchester
Appointed 934 or 935
Term ended 12 March 951
Predecessor Byrnstan
Successor Ælfsige I
Consecration 934 or 935
Personal details
Birth name Ælfheah
Died 12 March 951
Buried Old Minster in Winchester
Denomination Christian
Feast day 12 March

Ælfheah the Bald is the commonly used name for Ælfheah (died 12 March 951), the first English Bishop of Winchester of that name. He is sometimes known as Alphege, an older translation of his Old English name.


Ælfheah may have been a relative of Dunstan.[1] He certainly began his career as a monk at the court of King Athelstan of England and was made Bishop of Winchester in 934 of 935 .[2] He was an early mover towards the monastic reforms of the next generation and was tutor of Aethelwold. He died on 12 March 951[2] and was buried in Old Minster in Winchester. He was subsequently revered as a saint.[3]


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Christian titles
Preceded by
Bishop of Winchester
Succeeded by
Ælfsige I
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