Electoral district of Leichhardt (Queensland)

QueenslandLegislative Assembly
State Queensland
Dates current 1860–1932
Namesake Ludwig Leichhardt

Leichhardt was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland from 1860 to 1932.

Taking in areas of central Queensland west of the Great Dividing Range, the district in its original form stretched as far as Mackay in the north and as far south as Taroom. Originally a dual member constituency, it was one of the sixteen districts contested at the first colonial election in 1860. It became a single member constituency in 1873 but reverted to being a dual member electorate in 1878. A single member constituency again in 1888, it remained that way thereafter. One of the district's first members was Robert Herbert, the first Premier of Queensland.

By the time of its abolition—at the 1932 state election—the district was based on Clermont and Springsure. Its territory was split between the pre-existing districts of Barcoo and Normanby.

Members for Leichhardt

Dual member electorate (1860–1873)
  Robert Herbert Unaligned 1860–1863  
Charles Royds Unaligned 1860–1864
  Gordon Sandeman Unaligned 1863–1870
  Edmund Royds Unaligned 1864–1868
  Charles Royds Unaligned 1868–1872
  John Scott Unaligned 1870–1873
  Edmund Royds Unaligned 1872–1873
Single member electorate (1873–1878)
  Edmund Royds Unaligned 1873–1875
  Charles Haly Unaligned 1876–1878
Charles Boydell Dutton, 1883
Dual member electorate (1878–1888)
  William Sheffield Paul Unaligned 1878–1879   John Scott Unaligned 1878–1888
  John MacFarlane Unaligned 1879–1880
  Albrecht Feez Unaligned 1880–1883
  Charles Dutton Unaligned 1883–1888
Single member electorate (1888–1932)
  William Sheffield Paul Unaligned 1888–1893
  Herbert Hardacre Labour 1893–1919
  Tom Foley Labor 1919–1932

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