Electoral district of Dalby

Dalby was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland. It existed from 1873 to 1949 and centred on the town of Dalby.

Members for Dalby

  Joshua Peter Bell Unaligned 1873–1878
  George Simpson Unaligned 1878–1882
  John Jessop Unaligned 1882–1893
  Joshua Thomas Bell Ministerialist 1893–1911
  William Vowles Ministerialist/Liberal/Nationalist/Country 1911–1926
  Wilfred Adams Russell PPC/Country 1926–1932
  Walter Sparkes Country 1932–1935
  Godfrey Morgan Country 1935–1938
  Aubrey Slessar Labor 1938–1947
  Charles Russell Country 1947–1949

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    Coordinates: 27°11′02″S 151°15′43″E / 27.184°S 151.262°E / -27.184; 151.262

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