Electoral district of Toowoomba

Toowoomba was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland. The seat was in Toowoomba.[1]


The seat had two incarnations. The first was from 1873 to 1878 and the second from 1912 to 1960.[1]

In 1873, it was created by renaming the electoral district of Drayton & Toowoomba. In 1878, its name was changed back to Drayton & Toowoomba (but as a 2-member constituency).[1]

Its second incarnation began in 1912 when Drayton & Toowoomba split into Toowoomba, East Toowoomba and Drayton.[1] The sitting member for Drayton & Toowoomba, James Tolmie, successfully stood for election in Toowoomba in 1912 after the split.[2]

Toowoomba was abolished in the 1960 redistribution.[1] The sitting member, Mervyn Anderson, successfully stood for election in the new seat of Toowoomba East in the 1960 election.[2]

Members for Toowoomba

The members who represented Toowoomba are listed below.[2]

First incaranation
  William Henry Groom Opposition 1873–1878
Second incarnation
  James Tolmie Opposition 1912–1918
  Frank Brennan Labor 1918–1925
  Evan Llewelyn Labor 1925–1929
  James Annand Country[3] 1929–1932
  Evan Llewelyn Labor 1932–1935
  Jack Duggan Labor 1935–1957
  Mervyn Anderson Liberal 1957–1960

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Coordinates: 27°34′34.3″S 151°56′47.74″E / 27.576194°S 151.9465944°E / -27.576194; 151.9465944

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