Electoral district of Nundah

Nundah was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland from 1888 to 1992.

The district was based in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. At the time of its abolition it included the suburbs of Nundah, Eagle Farm, Hendra and Toombul.


In the 1904 Queensland state election, the sitting Ministerialist Thomas Bridges faced a formidable opponent in the person of Sir Arthur Rutledge. Rutledge had been a Wesleyan minister in New England and solicitor in Brisbane, before entering the Queensland parliament, where he rose to the office of Attorney-General and accepted a knighthood in 1903. As part of his strategy to become Premier, Rutledge decided to not to recontest his seat of Maranoa but rather contest an electorate closer to Brisbane, and chose the semi-rural seat of Nundah which, he assumed, would be easily won by a man of his political experience, especially as it was already held by a fellow Ministerialist. Many large business houses backed Rutledge, as did the editor of the Brisbane Courier (Rutledge's son-in-law Charles Brundson Fletcher was the editor of the Brisbane Courier until 1903).[1] His public meetings were packed with prominent religious and political leaders, in contrast to a low-key campaign run by Bridges based on his community service and commitment to keep the cost of railway tickets low. Contrary to every prediction, Bridges won the election by 253 votes. This humiliating loss ended Rutledge's political career, and he accepted an appointment as district judge.[2][3]

Members for Nundah

  George Agnew Conservative 1888–1890
  Ministerial 1890–1896
  Thomas Bridges Ministerial 1896–1903
  Liberal 1903–1907
  Kidston 1907
  Richard Sumner Kidston 1907–1909
  Independent Opposition 1909
  Thomas Bridges Ministerial/Queensland Liberal 1909–1916
  Nationalist 1916–1918
  Hubert Sizer Nationalist 1918–1923
  Wiliam Kelso United Party 1923–1925
  Country and Progressive National 1925–1932
  John Hayes Labor 1932–1947
  Frank Roberts Labor 1947–1953
  Independent 1953–1956
  James Hadley Labor 1956–1957
  Queensland Labor 1957–1957
  William Knox Liberal 1957–1989
  Phil Heath Labor 1989–1991
  Terry Sullivan Labor 1991–1992

Election results

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