Electoral district of Drayton and Toowoomba

Drayton and Toowoomba
QueenslandLegislative Assembly
State Queensland
Dates current 1860-1873; 1878-1912
Namesake Drayton and Toowoomba

Electoral District of Drayton and Toowoomba was the original seat for the urban settlement on the eastern Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia.


Drayton and Toowoomba had 2 incarnations: 1859 to 1873 and 1878 to 1912.[1]

Its first incarnation was as one of original sixteen electorates created in 1859, when Queensland became an independent colony. It was represented by one member. In 1873, its name was changed to electoral district of Toowoomba.[1]

Its second incarnation was in 1878, when Toowoomba was renamed back to Drayton and Toowoomba. It became a 2-member electorate at that time. In 1912, it was redistributed into Drayton (1912–1927), Toowoomba (1912–1960) and East Toowoomba (1912–1950).[1]

The seat is notable for Member and perennial Toowoomba Mayor William Henry Groom who went on to be the region's representative at the first Commonwealth Parliament in 1901.[2]

Members for Drayton and Toowoomba

The table of members elected in Drayton and Toowoomba appears below.[2]

First incarnation
Single member electorate (1860–1873)
  John Watts Unaligned 1860–1862
  William Henry Groom Unaligned 1862–1873
Second incarnation
Dual member electorate (1878–1912)
  William Henry Groom Unaligned 1878–1901   George Davenport Unaligned 1878–1881
  Robert Aland Unaligned 1881–1893
  John Fogarty Labor/Opposition 1893–1904
  James Tolmie Ministerialist/Opposition 1901–1907
  Edward Smart Labor 1904–1907
  Vernon Redwood Ministerialist/Opposition 1907–1909   Thomas Roberts Ministerialist/Opposition 1907–1912
  James Tolmie Ministerialist/Opposition 1909–1912

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