Electoral district of Burke

QueenslandLegislative Assembly
State Queensland
Dates current 1873–1932, 1960–1972
Demographic Rural

Burke was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland from 1873 to 1932, and again from 1960 to 1972. It covered remote rural areas in Northwest Queensland.

It originally existed as a single-member district until 1888, when it was changed to a dual-member district. This was changed at the next election when it was split into two single electorates - Burke and Croydon. Burke was amalgamated into the district of Carpentaria from the 1932 election, but was revived for the 1960 election, until it was finally abolished at the 1972 election and renamed Mount Isa.[1]

Members for Burke

First incarnation (1873–1932)
  William Hodgkinson 1873—1875
  James Parker 1875—1876
  Patrick O'Sullivan 1876—1878
  Roger Sheaffe 1878—1883 Dual member electorate (1888–1893)
  Edward Palmer 1883—1888 Member 2PartyTerm
  Ernest Hunter 1888—1890   William Hodgkinson 1888—1893
  John Hoolan Labor 1890—1894
  Thomas Glassey Labor 1894—1896
  John Hoolan Labor 1896—1899
  William Maxwell Labor 1899—1907
  Kidston 1907—1909
  Charles Collins Labor 1909—1912
  William Murphy Independent 1912—1918
  Darby Riordan Labor 1918—1929
  Arthur Jones Labor 1929—1932
Second incarnation (1960—1972)
  Alec Inch Labor 1960—1972

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