Bangladesh Air Force rank insignia

The following tables present the military ranks and insignia of the Bangladesh Air Force. Commissioned Officers are the main base for BAF because all pilots are commissioned officers. Pilots are trained in BAF Academy Jessore for basic flying training. After three-year training in the academy, 'flight cadets' (men and women are called flight cadets during training at BAF Academy) are given commission in the rank of Flying Officer, the rank of Pilot Officer is not used anymore. Besides pilots there are ground duty officers like engineers, meteorologist, administrative officers, air traffic controlling officers, logistics officers etc, they have same ranks (Flying Officer, Flight Lieutenant, Group Captain) as pilots. Commissioned Officers have 1st class status and they are Bangladesh-government gazetted officers, officers get high pay, cars, well facilitated and furnished mess (known as Officer's Mess), for married officers there are 'officers quarters' which are very large and spacious. Persons holding the rank of Air Commodore are called air officer, air officers are from air commodore to air chief marshal, air officers are given very important appointments in the force like Air Officer Commanding (abbreviated as AOC) of an air-base (i.e. AOC, BAF Base Zahurul Haque, Chittagong), senior officer in the Air Force Headquarters (e.g. Director, Directorate of Intelligence) and above all the post of 'Chief of Air Staff' (abbreviated as COAS) which is held by the most senior air officer (Air Chief Marshal), these officers get separate cars which contain rectangular star-plates (for Air Commodore one star - , for Air Vice Marshal two stars - , for Air Marshal three stars - and for Air Chief Marshal four stars - ) in front and behind of their cars and and also get huge bungalows for living (e.g. the 'Air House' at Dhaka Cantonment where the COAS lives). Below officers (commissioned officers are officers) there are JCOs, NCOs and ordinary airmen, these men are commonly called just an Airman and Airmen in plural. They have separate pay scale (too less from officers), separate accommodation and mess-system which are very small and no car facilities. Flying training is not given to airmen, they are only ground duty performers like repairing aircraft-engines, serving as clerks, serving as security guards, driving officers' cars, serving as medical assistants (doctors are commissioned officers), serving as catering assistants etc. Airman rank starts from AC-2 (Aircraftman-2) and lasts at Master Warrant Officer. NCO status starts from Corporal and JCO status starts from Warrant Officer, JCOs are called senior airmen or Air Force JCO or simply JCO. Officers and Senior airmen (JCOs) wear ranks on their shoulders of their uniforms and NCOs (Corporals and Sergeants) wear ranks on upper sleeves of their uniforms.

Commissioned Officer (Class 1 Gazetted Officer) ranks

Bangladesh BAF Officer ranks (in descending order)                                        
Air Chief Marshal    Air Marshal    Air Vice-Marshal    Air Commodore    Group Captain    Wing Commander    Squadron Leader    Flight Lieutenant    Flying Officer    Pilot Officer   
highest rank, only held by COAS air officer status starts from this rank cadets are commissioned in this rank rank in abeyance

Junior Commissioned officer(Class 1 Gazetted Officer Non cadre ) and Other ranks

Bangladesh BAF Airman ranks (in descending order)                            
Master Warrant Officer    Senior Warrant Officer    Warrant Officer    Sergeant    Corporal    Leading Aircraftman    Aircraftman 1    Aircraftman 2   
Status    Junior Commissioned Officer    Junior Commissioned Officer    Junior Commissioned Officer    NCO    NCO    Ordinary Airman    Ordinary Airman    Ordinary Airman   

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