Ranks of the Afghan National Army

The Afghan National Army (ANA) is composed of personnel of various ranks which span three pay-grade brackets, those being on-Commissioned Officers, Commissioned Officers and the General Staff. The highest official rank within the ANA is Marshal, which has not been used since Mohammed Fahim[1] left the position in 2002. The current General is Murad Ali Murad, whom was appointed the position of Deputy Chief of Staff of the Afghan National Army,[2] whose superior is the Defense Minister, Mohammed Masoom Stanekzai.

Non-Commissioned Officers'

Afghan National Army
Pashto Title لومړی بریدمل سرپرک مشر ساتنمن پرکمشر د خصوصي لومړی ټولګی؛
Western Version Sergeant First Class Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Private First Class

Commissioned Officers'

Afghan National Army
Pashto Title ډګروال ډګرمن لوی کپتان د ټیټو کپتان دوهم بریدمن د ټیټو ډګرمن
Western Version Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain Junior Captain Second Lieutenant Junior Lieutenant

General Staff

Afghan National Army
Pashto Title مارشال جنرال ډګرجنرال تورن جنرال برید جنرال
Western Version Marshal General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier General


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