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The Ranks of Pakistan Army are primarily based on British Army Ranks structure, though ranks for other ranks personnel and insignia differ.

Officers and JCOs of Pakistan Army wear ranks on the shoulders in Khaki uniform while NCOs wear it on the arm. In CCD all army personnel including officers, JCOs and NCOs wear them on chest.[1]

Officer ranks

Officer rank insignia displayed on the shoulders.

Army Rank [2] Insignia NATO
Field marshal
OF-Distinguish BPS-Apex
OF-10 BPS-Apex
Lieutenant General
OF-9 BPS-22
Major General
OF-8 BPS-21
OF-7 BPS-20
Colonel OF-6 BPS-19
Lieutenant Colonel OF-5 BPS-19
Major OF-4 BPS-18
Captain OF-3 BPS-17
Lieutenant OF-2 BPS-17
2nd Lieutenant OF-1 BPS-17

Junior Commissioned Officers

Army Rank [4] Insignia NATO
Subedar-Major None BPS-16
Subedar None BPS-15
Naib Subedar none BPS-14

Non-Commissioned Officers

The Non-Commissioned Officers rank insignia are displayed on sleeves.

Army Rank [4] Insignia NATO
Battalion Havildar Major OR-5 BPS-13
Battalion Quartermaster Havildar OR-5 BPS-12
Company Havildar Major OR-5 BPS-11
Company Quartermaster Havldar OR-5 BPS-10
Havildar OR-5 BPS-9
Lance Havildar OR-4 BPS-8
Naik (Nk) OR-3 BPS-8
Lance Naik OR-2 BPS-7
Sepoy OR-1 BPS-7

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