Rank and insignia of the Tanzanian Armed Forces

The following list presents the Rank and Insignia of the Tanzania Armed Forces from 1964.

Army ranks

Officer ranks

All-forces ranks Name Collar insignia
General Jenerali
Lieutenant General Luteni Jenerali
Major General Meja Jenerali
Brigadier General Brigedia Jenerali
Colonel Kanali
Lieutenant Colonel Luteni Kanali
Major Meja
Captain Kapteni
First Lieutenant Luteni
Second Lieutenant Luteni Usu

Other Ranks

All-forces ranks Rank Insignia
Warrant Officer Class I Afisa Mteule Daraja la Kwanza
Warrant Officer Class II Afisa Mteule Daraja la Pili
Staff Sergeant Sajinitaji
Sergeant Sajenti
Corporal Koplo
Lance Corporal Koplo Usu

Police ranks

Officer ranks

All-forces ranks Name Collar insignia
Inspekta Jenerali wa Naibu Inspekta Jenerali wa Polisi
Kamishina wa Polisi
Naibu Kamishina wa Polisi
Kamishina Msaidizi Mwandamizi wa Polisi
Kamishina Msaidizi wa Polisi
Mrakibu Msaidizi Mwandamizi wa Polisi
Mrakibu wa Polisi
Mrakibu Msaidizi wa Polisi
Mkaguzi wa Polisi
Mkaguzi Msaidizi wa Polisi

Other Ranks

All-forces ranks Name Collar insignia
Warrant Officer Sajini Meja Wa Polisi
Staff Sergeant Stesheni Sajini Wa Polisi
Sergeant Sajini Wa Polisi
Corporal Koplo Wa Polisi

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