Naval ranks and insignia of Mexico

This is a table of the ranks and insignia of the Mexican Navy. Spanish language ranks are in italics. Ranks of the Mexican Air Force and Mexican Army are almost identical.

Rank insignia have the executive curl only for officers who graduated from the naval academy, other officers have no curl at all.


Navy ranks Name Shoulder insignia
Secretary of the Navy Secretario de Marina
Admiral Almirante
Vice Admiral Vicealmirante
Rear Admiral Contralmirante
Ship Captain Capitán de Navío
Frigate Captain Capitán de Fragata
Corvette Captain Capitán de Corbeta
Ship Lieutenant Teniente de Navío
Frigate Lieutenant Teniente de Fragata
Corvette Lieutenant Teniente de Corbeta
1st. Petty Officer
Primer Maestre


Navy ranks Name Cuff Insignia
2nd Petty Officer Segundo Maestre
3rd Petty Officer Tercer Maestre
Corporal Cabo
Seaman Marinero

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