Egyptian Army ranks

Egyptian Army ranks:


The Egyptian army ranks were changed after the revolution of 1952 and the fall of the monarchy. In the year 1958 the crown was replaced by the Eagle of Saladin (the new coat of arms) and the Turco-Egyptian ranks were changed into Arabic ranks.

Commissioned Officers

Commissioned Officer rank insignia of the Egyptian Army
Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General Field Marshal
ملازم ملازم أول نقيب رائد مقدم عقيد عميد لواء فريق فريق أول مشير
Molazim Molazim awwal Naqib Ra'id Moqaddim 'aqid 'amid Liwaa' Fariq Fariq awwal Moshir

Enlisted personnel

Other rank insignia
Private Corporal Sergeant
First sergeant Assistant First Assistant
جندي عريف رقيب رقيب أول مساعد مساعد أول
Jondi 'arif Raqib Raqib awwal Mosa'id Mosa'id awwal

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