2012 Bandy World Championship

2012 Bandy World Championship
Tournament details
Host country  Kazakhstan
Teams 14
Final positions
Champions   Sweden
Runner-up   Russia
Third place   Kazakhstan
Fourth place  Finland
Scoring leader(s) Yevgeny Ivanushkin[1]
(12 goals)

The 2012 Bandy World Championship was an edition of the top annual event in international bandy, held between January 29 and February 5, 2012, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 14 countries participated in the 2012 championships: Finland, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the United States (group A), Belarus, Canada, Hungary, Latvia, and the Netherlands (group B), and Estonia, Japan, and Kyrgyzstan (group C).[2] Group C was introduced, and 14 teams made the record number for Bandy World Championships. The qualifiers match between the team on the last place in Group A and the first team in Group B was not played. The United States, who finished sixth in Group A, in 2013 will play in group B, and Belarus, the winner of Group B, will play in 2013 in Group A. Estonia, the winner of Group C, will play in Group B in 2013. The team relegated to Group C was not the last of Group B, but Mongolia, because they withdrew late from the tournament.

Sweden, which were the 2010 champion but in 2011 only finished third, became the champion again. Russia, the defending champion, lost to Sweden in the finals. Kazakhstan took the bronze medal, for the third time in their history.

The semifinal match between Kazakhstan and Sweden, which Sweden won on penalties, ended in a controversy, since the Swedish player Daniel Mossberg was not listed in the paperwork submitted by Sweden before the match. Kazakhstan filed a protest. As the result, Sweden were fined, but the result was kept, and Sweden went on to the finals against Russia.[3]

Group A

Preliminary round

Team Pld W D L GF GA Pts
 Russia 5500541610
 Sweden 54014978
 Kazakhstan 530240256
 Finland 520322304
 Norway 510410472
 United States 500510600
29 January 2012
 Sweden12–0 Finland
 Russia19–3 United States
 Kazakhstan10–1 Norway
30 January 2012
 Russia5–4 Finland
 Sweden11–0 Norway
 Kazakhstan13–3 United States
31 January 2012
 Finland7–1 United States
 Russia16–1 Norway
 Kazakhstan1–9 Sweden
1 February 2012
 Finland7–2 Norway
 Sweden15–0 United States
 Kazakhstan6–8 Russia
2 February 2012
 Norway6–3 United States
 Kazakhstan10–4 Finland
 Russia6–2 Sweden

Knockout phase

The final match between Russia (pictured) and Sweden.
Semi-finals Final
4 February - Almaty
  Russia  6  
  Finland  4  
5 February - Almaty
      Russia  4
    Sweden  5
Third place
4 February - Almaty 5 February - Almaty
  Kazakhstan  4 (5)   Kazakhstan  10
  Sweden  4 (6)     Finland  5


4 February 2012
 Russia6–4 Finland

Match for third place

5 February 2012
 Kazakhstan10–5 Finland


5 February 2012
 Russia4–5 Sweden

Group B


Preliminary round

Team Pld W D L GF GA Pts
 Belarus 440043108
 Canada 430135106
 Hungary 420215274
 Netherlands 410310232
 Latvia 40049420
30 January 2012
 Netherlands6–2 Latvia
 Belarus13–5 Hungary
31 January 2012
 Hungary4–2 Latvia
 Canada11–1 Netherlands
1 February 2012
 Canada11–1 Hungary
 Belarus19–3 Latvia
2 February 2012
 Belarus6–0 Canada
 Hungary5–1 Netherlands
3 February 2012
 Belarus5–2 Netherlands
 Canada13–2 Latvia

Final tour

Match for fourth place

4 February 2012
 Latvia2–1 Netherlands

Match for second place

4 February 2012
 Canada9–2 Hungary

Group C

Japan and Kyrgyzstan

Preliminary round

Note - Matches were of 60 minutes duration rather than the standard 90 minutes in Groups A and B.'

Team Pld W D L GF GA Pts
 Estonia 43103357
 Japan 42112585
 Kyrgyzstan 40031460
30 January 2012
 Estonia6–2 Japan
 Estonia13–0 Kyrgyzstan
31 January 2012
 Japan13–0 Kyrgyzstan
 Estonia12–1 Kyrgyzstan
1 February 2012
 Estonia2–2 Japan
 Japan8–0 Kyrgyzstan

Final tour

Match for second place

4 February 2012
 Japan4–0 Kyrgyzstan


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