Sweden national bandy team

Association Swedish Bandy Association
Head coach Sweden Jonas Claesson
Team colors          
First international
Russia Russia 3 – 5 Sweden Sweden
Helsinki, 10 March 1907
Biggest win
Sweden Sweden 33 – 5 Belarus Belarus
Irkutsk, 30 January 2014
Biggest defeat
Sweden Sweden 0 – 8 Soviet Union Soviet Union
Stockholm, 24 February 1963
Bandy World Championship
Appearances 35 (first in 1957)
Best result 1. (1981, 1983, 1987, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2012)
The Swedish team in 1947

Sweden national bandy team represents Sweden in the sport of bandy.

Sweden has been playing friendlies against Finland and Norway since the early 20th Century.

Finland, Norway and Sweden played bandy at the Winter Olympics in Oslo in 1952. After having seen them there, the Soviet Union invited these three countries to a four nation bandy tournament in 1954. This was the first time a Soviet national bandy team met other national bandy teams. The four countries used somewhat different rules prior to this tournament, but the rules were adjusted to be the same for the future. Sweden won the tournament.[1]

Sweden has been taking part in the bandy world championships since the start in 1957. The team has never finished worse than third place and has won the championship 11 times as of 2012. Sweden won the first ever world championship for women in 2004.

In the 2009 World Championship Sweden won in the final against Russia.[2] Sweden repeated the victory in the 2010 World Championships, this time in Moscow, the first time Sweden has won a bandy world championship in the capital of Russia. This was the tenth victory in the world championships for Sweden.[3] In 2012 Sweden won its 11th Gold.

Sweden won the Rossiya Tournament in 1974 and 1990 and has won its successor Russian Government Cup in 1994, 1996 and 2003.

The record for senior men's senior team appearances for the Swedish national bandy team is held by former Borlänge/Stora Tuna BK, Falu BS, Västerås SK Bandy, IFK Vänersborg, Sandvikens AIK and Tillberga IK Bandy player Per Fosshaug, who played for the team 129 times.

World Championship record

Tournament Final standing
Finland 1957  Bronze
Norway 1961  Silver
Sweden 1963  Bronze
Soviet Union 1965  Bronze
Finland 1967  Bronze
Sweden 1969  Silver
Sweden 1971  Silver
Soviet Union 1973  Silver
Finland 1975  Silver
Norway 1977  Silver
Sweden 1979  Silver
Soviet Union 1981  Gold
Finland 1983  Gold
Norway 1985  Silver
Sweden 1987  Gold
Soviet Union 1989  Bronze
Finland 1991  Silver
Norway 1993  Gold
USA 1995  Gold
Sweden 1997  Gold
Russia 1999  Bronze
Finland and Sweden 2001  Silver
Russia 2003  Gold
Sweden 2004  Silver
Russia 2005  Gold
Sweden 2006  Silver
Russia 2007  Silver
Russia 2008  Silver
Sweden 2009  Gold
Russia 2010  Gold
Russia 2011  Bronze
Kazakhstan 2012  Gold
Sweden and Norway 2013  Silver
Russia 2014  Silver
Russia 2015  Silver
Russia 2016  Bronze

Current squad

Swedish squad at the 2014 World Championship in Irkutsk, Russia, January 26 – February 2, 2014.[4]

Pos. Age Name Club
GK 39 Andreas Bergwall Sweden Västerås SK
GK 38 Anders Svensson Russia Dynamo Kazan
DF 26 Martin Johansson Sweden Villa Lidköping BK
DF 30 Per Hellmyrs Russia Dynamo Moscow
DF 26 Linus Pettersson Russia Zorky Krasnogorsk
DF 36 Andreas Westh Sweden Bollnäs GIF
DF 37 Daniel Välitalo Russia Dynamo Kazan
MF 25 Erik Säfström Sweden Sandvikens AIK
MF 31 Hans Andersson Russia Dynamo Kazan
MF 27 Johan Löfstedt Sweden Vetlanda BK
MF 28 David Pizzoni Elfving Sweden Hammarby IF
MF 26 Daniel Berlin Russia Dynamo Moscow
MF 32 Ulf Einarsson Sweden Hammarby IF
MF 26 Christoffer Edlund Sweden Sandvikens AIK
FW 23 Adam Gilljam Sweden Hammarby IF
FW 30 Daniel Andersson Sweden Villa Lidköping BK
FW 31 Patrik Nilsson Sweden Hammarby IF
FW 18 Erik Pettersson Sweden Sandvikens AIK


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