Bandy World Championship G-17

The Bandy World Championship G-17, also designated Bandy World Championship F-17, is a Youth Bandy World Championship for girls' teams up to the age of 17 years. This is the only Youth Bandy World Championship age group for female players. Usually, only the core bandy playing nations are taking part, but the United States has also appeared on more than one occasion.

The first Bandy World Championship G-17 was held in 2009, and it has since held biannually, with the next event scheduled for the spring of 2017.

The Swedish team won the last World Championship G17, which was held at the Guidant John Rose Minnesota Oval, in Roseville, Minnesota, United States, in February 2015. Sweden defeated Russia in the final and Finland beat the USA for the bronze medals.[1] Norway has taken part before, but did not in 2015.[2]


Year Host Champions Runners-up Bronze medalists
2009  Finland  Russia  Finland  Sweden
2011  Russia  Sweden  Finland  Russia
2013  Sweden  Sweden  Finland  Russia
2015  USA  Sweden  Russia  Finland

Medal table

Rank Team Gold Silver Bronze
1.  Sweden 3 0 1
2.  Russia 1 1 2
3.  Finland 0 3 1


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