Bandy World Championship Y-19

Bandy World Championship Y-19 is a Youth Bandy World Championship up to the age of 19 years. Usually, only the core bandy playing nations are taking part.

The first Bandy World Championship Y-19 was held in 1968 and it has been held every two years since then. In 1994 and 1996 it was Y20 teams instead.[1]

The designation is sometimes given as U-19 instead of Y-19, but the meaning is the same. Only players under the age of 19 is taking part.

In 2014, the World Championship Y19 was played in Oslo.[2] Russia beat Finland in the final and Sweden won the bronze medals.[3]


Year Host country Gold Silver Bronze
1968 Finland  Sweden  Soviet Union  Finland
1970 Soviet Union  Soviet Union  Sweden  Finland
1972 Norway  Sweden  Soviet Union  Norway
1974 Sweden  Soviet Union  Sweden  Norway
1976 Sweden  Soviet Union  Norway  Sweden
1978 Soviet Union  Sweden  Soviet Union  Finland
1980 Finland  Soviet Union  Sweden  Finland
1982 Norway  Sweden  Finland  Soviet Union
1984 Sweden  Sweden  Soviet Union  Norway
1986 Soviet Union  Soviet Union  Sweden  Finland
1988 Finland  Sweden  Soviet Union  Finland
1990 Norway  Sweden  Soviet Union  Finland
1992 Sweden  Sweden  Russia  Norway
1994 Russia  Russia  Sweden  Finland
1996 Finland  Sweden  Finland  Russia
1998 Norway  Russia  Sweden  Finland
2000 Sweden  Sweden  Russia  Finland
2002 Russia  Sweden  Finland  Russia
2004 Finland  Russia  Sweden  Finland
2006 Norway  Sweden  Russia  Finland
2008 Sweden  Russia  Finland  Sweden
2010 Russia  Sweden  Finland  Russia
2012 Finland  Russia  Sweden  Norway
2014 Norway  Russia  Finland  Sweden

Medal table

Sijoitus Maa Gold Silver Bronze
1.  Sweden 13 8 3
2.  Russia 6 3 3
3.  Soviet Union 5 6 1
4.  Finland 0 6 12
5.  Norway 0 1 5


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