Hungary national bandy team

Association Hungarian Bandy Association
Head coach Hungary Istvan von Polgar
Team colors          
First international
Sweden Sweden 10 – 1 Hungary Hungary
Novosibirsk, 26 January 1990
Biggest win

Estonia Estonia 2 - 10 Hungary Hungary
Kazan, 4 february 2005

Netherlands Netherlands 1 - 9 Hungary Hungary
Kazan, 29 january 2011

Netherlands Netherlands 1 - 9 Hungary Hungary
Chabarovsk, 6 february 2015
Biggest defeat
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 27 – 0 Hungary Hungary
Roseville, 30 January 1995
Bandy World Championship
Appearances 16 (first in 1991)
Best result 7th (1993)
Hungary defending a corner against Canada at the 2012 Bandy World Championship.

Hungary national bandy team is competing for Hungary in the international bandy tournaments.


Austria-Hungary national bandy team participated in the 1913 European Bandy Championships but it is uncertain if there were any Hungarian players.

Hungary national bandy team made its international debut in the Rossiya Tournament 1990 in Novosibirsk, Soviet Union.

Hungary made its world championship debut in 1991,[1] but the team has so far not reached any medals. On 6 January 2014 Hungary came in second in a four nation tournament in Davos, a centenary celebration of the European Championship of 1913. The other teams were Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Germany.[2][3]


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