Four nation bandy tournament in 2014

The four nation bandy tournament in 2014 was held as a centenary celebration of the 1913 European Bandy Championships.

On 6 January 2014 the Federation of International Bandy together with the Federation of Swiss Bandy arranged a four nation tournament in Davos to celebrate the anniversary of the 1913 European Championship. Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Netherlands played at the same venue as 101 years ago.[1] The Dutch won this unofficial European Championship.[2]

This tournament got a follow-up with the Davos Cup in 2016.


Date Time (UTC+1) Match Result Arena
6 January 2014 09:00  Hungary Germany 7–2 Eisstadion Davos
10:15  Czech Republic Netherlands 1–4 Eisstadion Davos
12:00  Czech Republic Hungary 4–10 Eisstadion Davos
13:15  Germany Netherlands 0–5 Eisstadion Davos
15:30  Germany Czech Republic 4–9 Eisstadion Davos
17:00  Hungary Netherlands 1–3 Eisstadion Davos

Results table

Result Сountry P W D L G +/- Points
1  Netherlands330012—2+106
2  Hungary320118—9+94
3  Czech Republic310214—18-42
4  Germany30036—22-160


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