Canada men's national bandy team

Association Canada Bandy
Head coach Göran Svensson
Team colors          
First international
United States United States 10 – 0 Canada Canada
Porvoo, 17 March 1991
Biggest win
Canada Canada 18 – 0 Estonia Estonia
Kazan, 1 February 2005
Biggest defeat
Russia Russia 22 – 1 Canada Canada
Irkutsk, 30 January 2014
Bandy World Championship
Appearances 14 (first in 1991)
Best result 6th (1991, 1993)
Canada national bandy team at Bandy World Championship 2012 in Almaty

The Canadian national bandy team is the bandy team representing Canada. The team is overseen by the Manitoba and Canadian Bandy Federations, members of the Federation of International Bandy. The team has competed in the annual Bandy World Championship several times starting in 1991.

In 2005, the team participated in the championship in Kazan, Russia, where they lost to the Belarus national bandy team for the "B" title.[1]

At the 2010 Bandy World Championship Canada won Group B for the first time. Canada, however, lost the Group A qualification match against the United States by a score of 6–9, and thus would again play in Group B at the 2011 Bandy World Championship in Kazan, Russia.[2] For this Championship Canada's team included 4 players playing professionally in club teams in Sweden.[3] Canada did not participate in the 2015 Bandy World Championship. There were reports about them returning to the 2016 WCS,[4] however, they did not.[5] However, the team is set to return to the 2017 tournament.[6] They have continued to play the annual Can-Am Bandy Cup.[7]

World Championship record

Tournament Final standing
Finland 1991 Finished in 6th place (2nd in Group B)
Norway 1993 Finished in 6th place (2nd in Group B)
USA 1995 Finished in 7th place (3rd in Group B)
Sweden 1997 Finished in 7th place (2nd in Group B)
Russia 1999 Didn't participate
Finland and Sweden 2001 Didn't participate
Russia 2003 Didn't participate
Sweden 2004; (B-group in Hungary) Finished in 9th place (4th in Group B)
Russia 2005 Finished in 8th place (2nd in Group B)
Sweden 2006 Finished in 8th place (2nd in Group B)
Russia 2007 Didn't participate
Russia 2008 Finished in 8th place (2nd in Group B)
Sweden 2009 Finished in 8th place (2nd in Group B)
Russia 2010 Finished in 7th place (1st in Group B, lost qualification to Group A in 2011)
Russia 2011 Finished in 8th place (2nd in Group B)
Kazakhstan 2012 Finished in 8th place (2nd in Group B)
Sweden 2013 Finished in 8th place (2nd in Group B)
Russia 2014 Finished in 8th place (last in Division A)
Russia 2015 Didn't participate
Russia 2016 Didn't participate

Current squad

Canadian squad at the 2014 World Championship in Irkutsk, Russia, 26 January – 2 February 2014.[8]

Pos. Age Name Club
GK Brian Bell Canada Winnipeg
GK 29 Ronnie Lintic Canada Nature Boys
DF 47 Costa Cholakis Canada Winnipeg
DF 25 Chris Karasewich Canada Winnipeg
DF 28 Jeremy Ross Canada Winnipeg
MF 25 Drew Ellement Canada Winnipeg
MF 25 Brady Fisher Canada Winnipeg
MF 29 Brett Gavrailoff Canada Winnipeg
MF 25 Curtis Krul Canada Winnipeg
MF 25 Jeff Krul Canada Winnipeg
MF 27 John Murray Canada Winnipeg
FW 25 Brandon Ellement Canada Winnipeg
FW 27 Steve Landerville Canada Winnipeg
FW 28 Nick Mazurak Canada Winnipeg
FW 28 Brook Robson Canada Winnipeg
FW 24 Brendon Sedo Canada Blue Jeys


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