Kazakhstan national bandy team

Association Kazakhstan Bandy Federation
Head coach Kazakhstan Alexey Nikishov
Team colors          
First international
Norway Norway 4 – 0 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Røa, 8 January 1994
Biggest win
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 27 – 0 Hungary Hungary
Roseville, 30 January 1995
Biggest defeat
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 3 – 21 Russia Russia
Katrineholm, 23 January 2006
Bandy World Championship
Appearances 18 (first in 1995)
Best result 3. (2003, 2005, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
Team captain Rauan Isaliyev
A former goalkeeper, Alexey Bazhenov
Their semifinal at the World Championship 2016

The Kazakh national bandy team has been representing Kazakhstan in the Bandy World Championships since 1995. Kazakhstan finished third in 2003, 2005, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.[1] In 2011 and 2012 they lost the semifinals after extra-time.

Kazakhstan won the 2011 Asian Winter Games.

World Championship record

Tournament Final standing
USA 1995 Finished in 4th place (1st in Group B)
Sweden 1997 Finished in 4th place
Russia 1999 Finished in 5th place
Finland and Sweden 2001 Finished in 4th place
Russia 2003  Bronze
Sweden 2004 Finished in 4th place
Russia 2005  Bronze
Sweden 2006 Finished in 4th place
Russia 2007 Finished in 4th place
Russia 2008 Finished in 4th place
Sweden 2009 Finished in 4th place
Russia 2010 Finished in 4th place
Russia 2011 Finished in 4th place
Kazakhstan 2012  Bronze
Sweden 2013  Bronze
Russia 2014  Bronze
Russia 2015  Bronze
Russia 2016 Finished in 4th place

Current squad

Kazakh squad at the 2014 World Championship in Irkutsk, Russia.[2]

Pos. Age Name Club
GK 33 Sergey Naumov Russia Sibselmash Novosibirsk
GK 31 Andrei Reyn Russia Dynamo Moscow
DF 40 Mikhail Dobrynin Russia Volga Ulyanovsk
DF 30 Denis Maximenko Russia Start Nizhny Novgorod
DF 37 Yury Loginov Russia Sibselmash Novosibirsk
MF 27 Pavel Dubovik Russia Baykal-Energiya
MF 31 Sergei Gorchakov Russia Zorky Krasnogorsk
MF 25 Pyotr Gribanov Kazakhstan Akzhaiyk
MF 33 Andrey Kovalev Russia Baykal-Energiya
MF 31 Vyacheslav Markin Russia SKA-Neftyanik
MF 31 Yevgeny Shadrin Russia Baykal-Energiya
MF 37 Denis Slautin Russia Rodina Kirov
MF 32 Dmitrij Zavidovsky Russia Sibselmash Novosibirsk
FW 34 Leonid Bedarev Russia Start Nizhny Novgorod
FW 25 Rauan Isaliyev Russia Sibselmash Novosibirsk
FW 32 Alexandr Nasonov Russia Baykal-Energiya Irkutsk
FW 23 Iskander Nugmanov Kazakhstan Akzhaiyk
FW 30 Sergey Pochkunov Russia SKA-Neftyanik

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