Bandy World Championship Y-23

Russia vs. Finland at the World Championship Y23 in 2011

The Bandy World Championship Y-23 is a Youth Bandy World Championship up to the age of 23 years. Usually, only the core bandy playing nations are taking part.

The first two Bandy World Championships Y-23 were held in 1990 and 1992, but then there was a long time with no Y-23 championship until it was taken up again in 2011. It is now held biannually, with the next event scheduled for December 2015.

The designation is sometimes given as U-21 instead of Y-23 or U-23, probably as a way to compare it to the U-21 competitions in association football (indeed, the UEFA European Under-21 Championship was originally for under-23 teams).

The Russian Y23 team won the last World Championship Y23, which was held in Obukhovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia, on 6–8 December 2013. Russia defeated Sweden in the final and Finland beat Norway for the bronze medals. Kazakhstan also participated.[1][2][3]


Year Host Champions Runners-up Bronze medalists
1990  Sweden  Soviet Union  Sweden  Finland
1992  Russia  Sweden  CIS  Finland
2011  Russia  Russia  Sweden  Finland
2013  Russia  Russia  Sweden  Finland
2016  Finland  Sweden  Russia  Finland

Medal table

Rank Team Gold Silver Bronze
1.  Sweden 2 3 0
2.  Russia 2 1 0
3.  Soviet Union 1 0 0
4.  CIS 0 1 0
5.  Finland 0 0 5


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