NEOMA Business School

NEOMA Business School
Type Grande école, Business school
Established 2013 (merger)
1928 (as ESC Reims)
1871 (as ESC Rouen)
President Franck Bostyn (Dean)[1]
Yves Bénard (President)[2]
Academic staff
200 permanent faculty members
Students 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students
Location Mont-Saint-Aignan, Reims and Paris
Campus Urban (Reims, Paris) Rural (Mont-Saint-Aignan)

NEOMA Business School is a French business school, created in 2013 by the merger of two business schools: Rouen Business School (established in 1871) and Reims Management School (established in 1928).[3] According to their latest performances as separate organisations in the 2012 Financial Times ranking of the best Masters in Management, Rouen Business School's flagship degree was the world's 17th best and Reims Management School's was 23rd.[4]

The school has more than 8,000 students, 200 academic staff (of whom more than 40% are international[5]), 300 university partners in 75 countries[6] and over 49,000 alumni,[7] as well as three campuses, in Rouen, Reims, and Paris. The school is triple accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.[8]

The merger process

The two founding schools

The two founding schools have been cooperating on a wide range of areas since at least 1987 before entering the merger process.[9] Just a few years prior to the merger, they had also jointly opened a new campus in Paris dedicated to executive education.[3][10] Both schools were considered to be among France's best,[3] and both held the triple accreditation.[11] The main reasons for the merger is the need to grow larger than what they already were as separate institutions, in the context of a globalised competition affecting the world's business schools, in addition to the reduction of the funding efforts by the local austerity-struck chambers of commerce.[3][12]

Rouen Business School

Main article: Rouen Business School

Created in 1871, it is the second oldest business School in France and has remained one of the country's best.[13][14][15] The school has been, since its very creation, a business school with an international outlook: the stated primary mission of the École Supérieure de Commerce de Rouen, or ESC Rouen, as it was then known when it was created in 1871, was "to train business leaders or directors of overseas agencies, consular agents able to represent France in a suitable manner in its international trade relations".[16]

Reims Management School

Founded as École Supérieure de Commerce de Reims, or ESC Reims in 1928, Reims Management School has had a specialisation for the luxury sector, in particular the management of the Champagne industry.[17] The city of Reims is the largest city in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, from which the Champagne wine takes its name.

A new name

The word "NEOMA" was coined to represent the new school's ambitions: "NEO", or "New" supposedly refers to a renewed way to handle education, whilst "MA" refers to "Management". The word was also chosen because it is easy to pronounce in many of the world's major languages.[2]

NEOMA Business School, after being specifically selected by the Hanban, launched in 2014 the first Confucius Institute for Business of France, and the seventh in the world.[18][19] Other Confucius Institutes for Business are notably present in the London School of Economics[20] and the New York State University.[21] NEOMA Business School, which welcomes each year 300 Chinese students, has 16 Chinese academic partners, among which Renmin University, the Beijing University of International Business and Economics, Nankai University and Wuhan University.[6] NEOMA stated that the institute will act as a platform dedicated to the optimisation of economic relations between China and France by providing solutions and helping local companies develop their business activities in China.[22] Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister, inaugurated the event.[19] That same year, NEOMA Business School opened a Doctorate of Business Administration program in Shanghai.[23]


Graduate programme

The Grande Ecole Programme is organised into two sections (bachelor's and master's).

The NEOMA BS "Grande Ecole" and "TEMA" Master Programmes train high-level general managers.

The "Grand Ecole" Master Programme is a management teaching programme over seven semesters.

Recruitment after Baccalauréat (for TEMA section only) classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles (ECRICOME entrance exam and UNIVERSA for international students) and as parallel admission after a course up to Bac+2 or Bac+3/4 (Tremplin 1 and Tremplin2).

Undergraduate programmes

– CESEM: four-year degree, Reims campus, in French and another foreign language
– B.Sc in International Business: four-year degree, Rouen campus, in French and English
– bachelor's in Retail Management – ECAL: three-year degree, Rouen campus, in French
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): three-year degree, Rouen or Reims campus, in French

Executive Education

Executive MBA: International degree, AMBA, EQUIS & AACSB accredited, Paris campus, in French and English, part-time course
– Full-time MBA (September 2014): International diploma, AMBA, EQUIS & AACSB accredited, Paris campus, in English, full-time programme

-Market Studies and Decision Making (part-time, Paris campus)
-Business Development and Key Account Management (part-time, Paris campus)
-Corporate Public Relations (part-time, Paris campus)
-Services Marketing and Customer Relations (Paris campus)

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

The DBA is a three-year joint programme between Shanghai Jiaotong University and NEOMA Business School offering a Doctorate of Business Administration taught in English.


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