HEC Management School – University of Liège

For other schools named Hautes Études Commerciales, see Hautes Etudes Commerciales (disambiguation).
HEC Liège (Management School - University of Liège)
HEC Liège - Ecole de gestion de l'Université de Liège
Former names
HEC-ULg, basically a merger between HEC-Liège Business School and the University of Liège (former Faculty of economics & business)
Motto The spirit of Management: entrepreneurship & innovation
Type School of business & economics
Established 1898 / 2005 [1]
Rector Albert Corhay
Dean Adrian Hopgood
Director Adrian Hopgood
Secretary Jacques Defer
Administrative staff
More than 200 professors & lecturers/searchers[2]
Students 2500 [3]
Location City centre, Liège/Sart-Tilman, Angleur
Website http://www.hec.ulg.ac.be

HEC Liège Management School - University of Liège (in French, HEC Liège - École de gestion de l'Université de Liège and shortened as HEC Liège) is the college and graduate school of the University of Liège in the fields of economics, finance, business administration, entrepreneurship and engineering management (business IT management, management science, operational research & business process engineering).[4]

The Liège university school of business & economics also covers, among other things, public economics & public finance, accounting & tax, insurance & actuarial science, international business & economics, marketing, a wide range of foreign languages, information management systems, e-commerce, real estate, corporate finance, environmental-green-&-ecological management, portfolio administration, financial risk engineering & asset management, industrial economics, sport & leisure business management, financial markets & banking, leadership, tourismanagement, entrepreneurship, operations & production management, applied sciences & technological management, corporate strategy & governance, econometrics, supply chain management & logistics, stock market analysis, HR management, ICT & business computing, digital marketing & e-business as well as not-for-profit & social development management.

The foreign languages taught are French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. The school counts about 2.500 students among all of its programmes.[3]

HEC Liège delivers diplomas such as BS, Master, MA, MS, MBAs, MPAs, MPhil, PhD as well as executive education diplomas (specialized complementary master's degrees) and teaching licenses of economics & business.

NB: In Belgium, universities offer academic programmes in Business Engineering. These studies are combining business administration, finance, economics with mathematics, statistics, sciences (physics, chemistry), management science and technologies for the main but also computer science as well as social science (ethics and law) and foreign languages. They are composed of a Bachelor of Science (B.S. ; 3-year track) and followed by a master's degree (M.S.) leading to the title of "Business Engineer" ("Ingénieur de gestion" in French/ "Wirtschaftsingenieur" in German / "Handelsingenieur" in Dutch / "Ingegnere Gestionale" in Italian). Graduates are granted at the end of the five (or more) years a diploma of "Master of Science in Business Engineering". HEC Liège is member of both the AACSB and the EFMD. In 2011, the school received the EPAS[5] accreditation from the EFMD for its MS in Management and PhD programmes.


HEC Liège delivers following degrees:[6]

Bachelor of Science (undergraduate level)

Master's degree

Master of Science (MS in Management)

Master of Science (MS in Finance)

Master of Science (MS in Business engineering)

Master of Science (MS in Economics & Finance)

Master of Arts (MA in Economics)

Master of Arts (MA in HR Management)

Master of Business Administration (eMBA)

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Master of Education (M.Ed. in Economics & Business)

Executive, Post-graduate, Advanced and Part-time degrees at HEC Liege Executive School

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctoral programmes (Philosophiae Doctor / Doctor of Philosophy)

- Pure Economics track;

- Applied Economical Analysis track;

- Political Economics track;

- Public Administration track;

- International Management track;

- E-Business with Digital Marketing Strategy;

- Econometrics and Operational Research track;

- Entrepreneurship track;

- Finance track;

- Marketing track;

- Accounting & Tax track;

- Business Law track;

- Corporate Strategy and Top-management Governance track;

- Operations Management & Logistics track;

- HR Management track;

- IT Management track.


The Liège University School of Management (HEC Liège, formerly known as HEC-ULg) was created in 2005 by the merger of Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Liège (HEC-Liège), a private institute, created in 1898 and the Economics and Business Administration Departments (le Département d'économie et l'Ecole d'Administration des Affaires) of the University of Liège.


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