KEDGE Business School



(1872 Euromed Marseille; 1874 BEM Bordeaux)
Dean Thomas Froehlicher
Students 12000
Location Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, Paris, Suzhou, Shanghai, Dakar
Campus 7

KEDGE Business School is a French business school and grande école. Located in Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon and Paris, the school is a merger between two business schools : BEM (ESC Bordeaux, founded in 1874) and Euromed (ESC Marseille, founded in 1872). Following the merger, Kedge is the largest[1] business school in France. It is consistently ranked within the top 5 business schools in France[2] by the Financial Times and is the one of the best 30 business schools in Europe, according to the Financial Times 2014.[2] Nationally, it ranks 3rd for its MBA,[1] 3rd for its budget ,2nd for research and is accredited by Palmes League as TOP business school with significant international influence.[3] The institution also holds the Triple accreditation (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS)[4]


KEDGE Business School is founded by Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Bordeaux and Marseille. It is governed by a Board of Directors composed of business leaders and representatives of local authorities.

The Board of Directors is structured into five committees holds 65% of the voting rights.

President of the Board of Directors is: François Pierson formerly CEO of AXA France, Chairman of the Board of AXA Corporate Solutions Assurance, and CEO of AGIPI. Vice-President is Pierre Goguet, President of Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce, Statutory Auditor, expert registered with the Bordeaux Court of Appeal. Thomas Froehlicher act as Dean & Director General Kedge Business School,

BEM Bordeaux Management School (Now KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL)
Motto BEM, write your story
Type Business School (École consulaire)
Students 2,700 (in 2010)
Location Talence, Aquitaine, France[5]
44°47′46″N 0°36′06″W / 44.796173°N 0.601566°W / 44.796173; -0.601566

BEM - Bordeaux Management School

The current Bordeaux campus of KEDGE is the former BEM (Bordeaux École de Management), a French grande école founded in 1874,[6] managed and financed by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce.

BEM was a member of the Chapitre de la Conference des Grandes Écoles, which is the association of France's leading schools.

BEM was based in Talence near Bordeaux. BEM is a member of the "campus d'excellence (IDEX)", "Université de Bordeaux", an élite research federation. In 2008, BEM opened new campuses in Dakar and Paris. After the merger with Euromed to become KEDGE Business School, a new and larger campus was inaugurated in Talence in 2014.

Euromed Management – School of Management and Business
Euromed Marseille École de Management
Motto Get ready to love your future
Established 1872
Location Marseille, France

France Marseille
France Toulon
Morocco Marrakech

China Suzhou

Euromed Management – School of Management and Business

Euromed Management – School of Management and Business is a French business school. It was founded in Marseille (France) in 1872 by the Chambre de Commerce et d' Industrie Marseille-Provence.[2] It has the triple accreditation: EQUIS by the EFMD, AMBA, and the AACSB.[3] It belongs to the top 30 European Business Schools according to the Financial Times and to the top 10 Masters in Management, in France, according to the Financial Times.

Faculty and research

A department groups together professors who share complementary expertise in their discipline. Instruction and curriculum are developed and coordinated for all programs in these departments under the management of the department head, who is chosen by his or her colleagues.The Faculty is divided into 5 departments: Management, Strategy, Marketing, Accounting Management, Operational Management and Finance. Kedge Business School currently devotes over 12% of its overall expenses to research activities and has the ambition to reach 20% by 2018. It was therefore necessary to create the infrastructure and the organisation to help the School meet this ambition. As a consequence, research activities have been reorganised in a Research, Development and Innovation business unit.

Degree programs

KEDGE is a triple accredited (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA) French Business School situated in Bordeaux & Marseille. The Master in Management program provides a general background in Management, with a change to specialize in the second year. Taught in English or French, this school is recommended for budding experts in Supply-Chain Management, or Purchasing International Business (in particular, wine purchasing). KEDGE Business School also offers Specialized MSc in several fields. The policy of the school is to send nearly 100% of its classes to foreign universities for a term or a year ; accordingly, it has hundreds of international partnerships (joint degrees, exchange programmes,...) with major global universities (HEC Montreal, Indian Institute of Management, Saint-Gallen, SDA Bocconi, University of Michigan,...).[7]

Master Management - Grande Ecole

Master Management des Vins et Spiriteux - MVS

Master Management Programme ESC

M.Sc. Global Supply Chain Management - ISLI

Master Patrimoine et Immobilier - IMPI

M.Sc. Maritime, International Transport & Logistics Management

MBA Wine & Spirits Management (Global)

M.Sc. Marketing

M.Sc. Ingénieur d'affaires

M.Sc. Finance & Organisational Management

Master Patrimoine et Immobilier - IMPI

M.Sc. Maritime, International Transport & Logistics Management

MBA Wine & Spirits Management (Global)

MBA Global MBA

M.Sc. Marketing

Master Management par la Qualité - ISMQ

M.Sc. International Business MACI

Master Management des Risques -IMR

M.Sc. Finance & Organisational Management

Master International Purchasing and Innovation Management


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