Education Bureau

Education Bureau

Emblem of the Hong Kong SAR
Agency overview
Formed 1852
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Jurisdiction  Hong Kong
Headquarters 11/F, East Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • Kevin Yeung, Under Secretary for Education
Agency executive
  • Marion Lai Chan Chi-kuen, Permanent Secretary for Education
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Child agencies
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The Education Bureau (Chinese: 教育局; Jyutping: gaau3 yuk6 guk6; abbr. EDB) is responsible for education policies in Hong Kong.

The bureau is headed by the Secretary for Education and oversees the Secretariat, University Grants Committee and Student Financial Assistance Agencies.


The Education Department (Chinese: 教育署 and 教育司署 before 1983) was responsible for education matters in the territory, with the exception of post-secondary and tertiary education. In 2003, the department was abolished and a new bureau, the Education and Manpower Bureau (Chinese: 教育統籌局 abbreviated EMB) was formed. In July 2007, the manpower portfolio was transferred to the new Labour and Welfare Bureau by newly re-elected Chief Executive Donald Tsang.

The bureau was formerly housed at the Former French Mission Building.

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