Security Bureau (Hong Kong)

Security Bureau

Emblem of the Hong Kong SAR
Agency overview
Formed 1973
Headquarters 10th Floor, East Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • John Lee, Under Secretary for Security[1]
Agency executive
  • Joshua Law Chi-kong, Permanent Secretary for Security [2]
Parent agency Chief Secretary for Administration
Child agencies

The Security Bureau (Chinese: 保安局; Jyutping: bou2 ngon1 guk6) is a body of the Government of Hong Kong responsible for a range of activities, including law enforcement, search and rescue and administer various laws in relation to the security of Hong Kong.

The bureau is headed by the Secretary for Security.

Before 1997, it was named the Security Branch. Before 1973 it was known as the Defence Branch.

Subordinate entities

The following public entities are controlled by the bureau:

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