Government Secretariat (Hong Kong)

The Government Secretariat (Chinese: 政府總部, 布政司署 before 1997) is collectively formed by the Offices of the Chief Secretary and the Financial Secretary and twelve policy bureaux.

The offices are officially known as "Government Secretariat: Offices of the Chief Secretary for Administration and the Financial Secretary", and the bureaux are officially known as "<Portfolio> Bureau, Government Secretariat" or "Government Secretariat: <Portfolio> Bureau".


The structure of responsibilities under the Secretariat has undergone regular revision.

1989 reorganisation

In the 1 September 1989 reorganisation, the Recreation and Culture Branch (RCB) was created, taking on some duties from the Municipal Services Branch, such as for culture and recreation, sports, antiquities and country parks management, and others from the Administrative Services and Information Branch, including broadcasting, entertainment and censorship policy. Both branches then ceased to exist.[1] The RCB operated as a Broadcasting, Entertainment and Administration wing, which covered RTHK and TELA, and the Recreation and Culture wing, with responsibilities including sport.[2]

Organisation of policy bureaux 2002-2007

Organisation of policy bureaux 2007-present

A reorganisation of the secretariat was announced by Donald Tsang after his re-election as Chief Executive in 2007. The number of policy bureaux was increased from 11 to 12 as a consequence of this re-organisation; minor adjustments were also made to the responsibilities of the principal officials.

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