Ariobarzanes II of Cappadocia

O: Diademed head of Ariobarzanes II R: Athena holding Nike with wreath and resting hand on shield, spear behind


Silver drachm struck in Eusebeia 56? BC

Z? in exergue would mean 7th year of reign - 56 BC

Ariobarzanes II, surnamed Philopator, "father-loving", (Ancient Greek: Ἀριοβαρζάνης Φιλοπάτωρ, Ariobarzánēs Philopátōr), was the king of Cappadocia from ca. 63 BC or 62 BC to ca. 51 BC. He was the son of King Ariobarzanes I of Cappadocia and his wife Queen Athenais Philostorgos I, while his sister was Isias Philostorgos, who married King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene. Ariobarzanes II was half Persian and half Greek.

Ariobarzanes II married the princess Athenais Philostorgos II, one of the daughters of King Mithridates VI of Pontus. He was an ineffective ruler, requiring the aid of Gabinius in 57 BC to ward off his enemies. He was successful in maintaining rule over Cappadocia for approximately 8 years before being assassinated by Parthian favorites. By his wife, he had two sons: Ariobarzanes III of Cappadocia and Ariarathes X of Cappadocia. He was succeeded by his first son.


Preceded by
Ariobarzanes I Philoromaios
King of Cappadocia
ca. 63 BCE – ca. 51 BCE
Succeeded by
Ariobarzanes III Eusebes Philoromaios
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