Ariarathes III of Cappadocia

Silver coin of Ariarathes III (Cabinet des Médailles, Paris)

Ariarathes III (Ancient Greek: Ἀριαράθης, Ariaráthēs; reigned 262 BC or 255 BC – 220 BC), son of Ariamnes, ruler of Cappadocia, and grandson of Ariarathes II, married Stratonice, a daughter of Antiochus II, king of Syria and wife Laodice I, and obtained a share in the government during the lifetime of his father. About 250 BC he was the first ruler of Cappadocia to proclaim himself king (basileus). It is known that he sided with Antiochus Hierax in his war against Seleucus II Callinicus. Ariarathes is also said to have expanded his kingdom adding Cataonia to his dominions. [1] By his marriage he was the father of Ariarathes IV.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ariamnes I
King of Cappadocia
255 BC 220 BC
Succeeded by
Ariarathes IV
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