List of rulers of Cappadocia

This page lists the Achaemenid satraps and Hellenistic kings of Cappadocia, an ancient region in central Anatolia.

Datamid Satraps of Cappadocia, c. 380–331 BC

The Satrapy of Capadocia was a satrapy (province) of the Achaemenid Empire until its conquest by Alexander the Great in 331 BC.

Ariarathid Kings of Cappadocia, 331 BC–17 AD

Ariarathes I managed to keep control of Cappadocia even after Alexander the Great's conquest of the Persians; however, in 322 BC, he was crucified by Perdiccas, Alexander's general and (after Alexander's death) regent. Perdiccas gave Capadocia to Eumenes, Alexander's former secretary. However, during the instability of the ongoing civil wars between Alexander's generals, Eumenes was killed, and Ariarathes I's adopted son, Ariarathes II, managed to re-secure his inheritance and became King of Cappadocia (while accepting Seleucid suzerainty).

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